Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Mission Accomplished!

I finished crocheting the shawl! I still need to weave in all the ends, and attach tassels, and block it... but still, finished crocheting it!

This was a fun project, but I am really excited to move on to trying socks. I have decided to try this tutorial, with the 4 DPNs. Hopefully it doesn't go too slowly, or I will be discouraged. I haven't mentioned it before, but I am extremely left-handed. For crocheting, this isn't really an issue, as I just mirror the moves, but knitting is another story. You see, I knit continental style, AND left-handed. So, to many people, backwards backwards. This means that whenever I learn a new knitting style or technique, I need to spend a long time just figuring out how to interpret the instructions in such a way that they are consistent with my method.Anyway, I am looking forward to the challenge, but I want to finish this shawl and the cupcake hat soon as well.

Aside from that, I also harvested and transplanted some bromeliad pups from the plant Erin gave me last Spring for feeding her cats. They are the two plants on right in the photo below. I am not sure my grow shelf will be the ideal lighting conditions for them, but I have them parked there for now. In the foreground of the photo are some cacti I grew from seed that are going through a growth spurt.


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