Monday, 14 October 2013

General Update and Yarn Haul

You may have assumed that I haven’t posted recently because I had nothing to report, but it is quite the opposite. I have been crafting like a fiend, and simply haven’t had the time to write about it. I have also been to waiting to get some good photos of my finished items and the new yarn I got in. In any case, I will break up my news into multiple posts for easier digestion :) 

I am still hard at work on the sock (4 inches now!) but was distracted by a couple of hats, and am now working on a poncho for a friend. I have since received another order of yarn from Knit Picks though, and I thought I would share that here. 

 Read on for a bunch of yarn pictures!

First up, I bought a bunch of the Brava acrylic in worsted weight

 Left to right: Cornflower, Canary, Rouge

The white and the 3 previous colours are for a scarf pattern by Twinke-Chan.


I also bought some bulky weight for ponchos

I had thought I was all done with acrylic till I saw how well reviewed the Brava was and decided to give it a spin. It is sooo nice. It is really soft and nice to work with. Some of my friends prefer to have acrylic to wool (either for allergy,easy of care, or durability reasons) so I am extremely glad to have discovered it.

I also got some lighter weight yarns
 Planetarium, which is so much more beautiful in person, I wish I could capture it!

And some more black!

I got this colour (Gosling)
to make the Emergence Shawl by Kathryn White, from Interweave Crochet, Fall 2013.

This next one, Turmeric, is the only yarn I bought without a specific pattern in mind, but I couldn't resist:

I bought 3 hanks so I figure I will make an infinity scarf or a cowl. Something fluffy I can rub my face in.

Finally, I was given this last yarn as a birthday gift from my friend Amanda:

It is Rowan Kid Classic in colour 847. It is a beautiful mohair blend that I think I will use to make a hat.

So that is what i have coming up in the near future yarnwise. Later this week I will post some trip reports for the hats I made.

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