Sunday, 9 February 2014

Oof! A long Hiatus (Plus a Baby Blanket)

Well, as much as I claimed that I would be updating regularly, it seems I have once again fallen off of the update wagon. The thrill of the holidays combined with health stuff and life in general left me feeling too distracted to do much writing of any kind.

But, I am back! And hoping to this time keep it up and post regularly.

So what is new in the world of crafting? Well, for Christmas I made a number of my nail polish glass ornaments (Forgive the image quality, my hands were shaking)

Crochet-wise, I haven't tried anything really new in a while. I made a few more ponchos for people, and now am on a baby blanket blitz. I've been using the Tiramisu baby blanket pattern by Alison Paulson, which can be found here and am so far quite happy with how they are turning out. Here is a picture of the first one:

I will post the other colour combos as I finish them, and I will end this post here so that I leave myself something to talk about next time ;)

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